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Home Inspections in NJ by Licensed Home Inspectors & Engineers 

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 What is a Home Inspection?  A home Inspection is primarily a visual, non-destructive, inspection with limited probing where allowed, with operational tests of systems using normal controls. The home inspection reports on the condition of the home as found on the date of inspection, and makes recommendations to repair, replace, monitor a system if marginal, or recommends further evaluation of a system if this is needed to determine the true conditon. A home inspection should not be considered to be an insurance policy against future damages or damaged from concealed or latent conditions that may be present when the home was inspected. There may be conditions that are not identifiable at the time of the inspection because they do not immediately show themselves as problems, but instead progressively deteriorate and require repair or replacement at a future time.  For example, a basement filled with stored items can hide defects in the foundation wall framing. Re-modeling or building an addition onto the home can expose hidden termite damage when walls are opened. A home inspection is not a guarantee against the possibility that repairs may be needed to the home. You should expect the need for maintenance, and repairs, because no inspection can totally eliminate all risks, and all homes need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Who Will Do the Home Inspection?  Your home inspection will be done by a licensed home inspector who also has engineering training. State regulations actually do not require home inspectors to be engineers, and only a few of the hundreds of home inspectors in NJ are engineers. If you choose Meyers Home Inspections, you can be sure that the inspection will be done by either Dan Meyers, or Ron Meyers, both of whom are degreed engineers as well as being licensed home inspectors with many years of experience.

Should I Be Present at the Home Inspection?  Yes , you should be there if at all possible. We consider the home inspection to be an educational experience. Your home inspector will be pleased to answer any questions you may have when you accompany him on the inspection. Our report will cover all aspects of the home that are part of the home inspection, and will provide a description of the system or part of the home, its current condition, and recommendations for maintenance, repair, or replacement if needed.  

How Long Will The Home Inspection Take?   The average home inspection usually requires about two to three hours, but we do not time limit it. For larger homes our inspection is often done by two inspectors simultaneously to make the home inspection process more efficient. 

What Kind of Home Inspection Report  is Delivered? Our home inspection reports have been called "the best we have ever seen" by numerous clients, attorneys and real estate professionals. We provide a detailed narrative style written report that is custom written for your property.  The report includes digital color photos of your home and the home systems.  If you have a question about anything that is in our report you can call the inspector directly to get the answer.

What About Instant Check List Type of Reports? We do not provide a "check list" type of report, as we feel that a "check list" report  can not provide adequate detail or accuracy as compared to the narrative report that we custom prepare in our office.  We will be happy to answer questions during the inspection, but will not provide an "instant" computer generated type of report.  Our considerable experience doing home inspections for many years has convinced us that "instant" type reports provided by some other home inspectors are likely to be inaccurate or incomplete since they are not proof read before delivery.

When Will The Written Report be Ready? Reports are usually ready two business days after the inspection, and are normally emailed to you to save mail delivery time.  Reports can also be faxed or "snail mailed" if you wish.

Is an Inspection Agreement Required?  Yes, by law it is. No later than one business day after making your inspection appointment, we will send your inspection agreement for you to read and sign. Our preferred method of sending this agreement is by EMAIL or FAX. This document protects you by detailing the services you agree to have performed and clarifying how they are to be conducted. Our nspection agreement protects you by fully disclosing our services and limitations. In accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:40-15, a NJ Licensed Home Inspector must have a signed inspection agreement before he can conduct an inspection. So you must bring your signed agreement to your inspection or send it to our office prior to the inspection. A FAXED signed agreement is acceptable to us. Either way, it must be reviewed, approved, and signed, or our licensed inspectors cannot perform your inspection services. We suggest you review any statement and authorization you are asked to sign from an inspection company so you have an understanding of the work to be completed on your behalf by the company you have chosen.

Is a Home Inspection the same as an "Engineering Inspection" ?  No, it is not.  Home inspections are defined by legislation in NJ, and cover specific items and systems of a home. The home inspection process as defined by NJ is predominantly visual in nature, and non-destructive. Engineering inspections are different in that the practice of engineering entails measurements, calculations, and consultation of engineering standards.  Nevertheless, a home inspection done by a licensed home inspector who also has engineering training and experience is clearly a benefit when defects in the structure of the home may be present. All inspections done by Meyers Home Inspections are done by engineers who are also experienced licensed home inspectors.


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