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Home Inspections in NJ by Licensed Home Inspectors & Engineers 

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The links shown below are to sites and/or organizations that have additional information on homes, NJ home inspections, and NJ home inspection related services. We provide these for informational purposes only, and can not guarantee that information found on these sites is accurate.

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Organizations & Regulatory Agencies for Home Inspectors



NJ Regulations and information for Home Inspectors & Engineers

The oldest and "most respected"  home inspector organization with lots of info for home buyers relating to home inspection.

An organization of independent home inspectors who do not actively solicit business from real estate brokers.

Lots of information about fixing and remodeling old houses.

Meyers Home Inspections Blog Spot

Expert information about exterior siding, including the synthetic stucco material known as EIFS.

Useful Sites for Home Buyers

All about the hazards of aluminum wiring, Federal Pacific circuit breakers & panels, and lots of other researched information about construction defects and potential hazards in the home.  Kudos to Dan Friedman for researching and developing this information.

How to deal with mold in the home.

Government EPA site about lead and other environmental hazards.